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XVII Economic Forum - Krynica, Poland

XVII Economic Forum - Krynica, Poland 
September 5-8, 2007

About the Forum:

During sixteen years of activity, the Economic Forum in Krynica has become a major economic event in the region and a renowned platform of discussion on a wide array of issues such as economy, politics, international security and society. Being the largest conference of that kind in Central and Eastern Europe, year after year, it brings together heads of states, members of governments, experts, representatives of big business and social activists from renowned NGOs. By many called as Eastern European Davos, the Forum aims to develop dialogue and cooperation among European Union countries and their neighbors and partners. It is organised by the Institute for Eastern Studies.

Program Outline:

More than 100 panel discussions, lectures of the personalities of the public sphere, workshops and round table discussions (including Macroeconomics, New Economy, Society, Business, Management, International Politics and Security, Science and Culture, Energy Sector, Regions, The European Union and its Neighbours)

Cultural Programme:

Literature evenings, presentation of movies, concerts, cocktails organised by the Economic Forum partners. Wide variety of recreational events scheduled for September 7 and 8 after 4pm and during September 9.

Guests of the Forum:

More than 1500 invitees from Europe, Asia, USA, Middles East and Arab countries, including the heads of states, experts, representatives of big business.

Download Brochure:

A brochure on the forum may be downloaded in pdf format here.

Opinions about the Forum:

  • Le Soir
    During the past 15 years, the Krynica Forum has become a very "in" place, where it is worthwhile to be.
  • Izwiestia
    The Forum succeeded and one should expect it to be continued as the Eastern European Davos.
  • Valdas Adamkus - President of the Republic of Lithuania
    I am convinced that the upcoming Forum will contribute to the further successful development of cooperation between the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. A good political and economic situation in all the CEE countries is an important matter for all of us. The Forum in Krynica - Zdroj increases our determination to cooperate. It also gives us an excellent opportunity to contribute to the realization of the idea of a free and united Europe.

Contact information:
Kinga Pokropska
Office of the Economic Forum
Foundation Institute for Eastern Studies
tel: (+4822) 583 1100
fax: (+4822) 583 1150

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